The Steps of Choosing Tenants for Your Rental

The Steps of Choosing Tenants for Your Rental

Choosing Tenants for Your Atlanta Rental When you own a rental property , choosing the right tenants is the key to your success. One of the best indicators of prospective tenants’ abilities to pay is their credit score. Watch this video to learn how to obtain credit scores for prospective renters.

Start by getting applicants’ permission to check their credit. You’ll need a signed release form that you will keep on file. Pull reports from all three credit agencies. There is a fee for checking credit, which you can pass along to prospective tenants as an application fee.

You can also hire a real estate agent to handle this task for you. An Atlanta-area rental property management company can process applications, collect rent, and more. Real estate companies also have real estate agents who can take care of property maintenance and eviction issues.

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